How to Switch Audio Source in a Session

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If you experience problems with your web audio and need to switch to phone audio, click the Settings cog in the lower right corner of your screen. Moderators, Observers, and Respondents can manage their audio settings by updating the options in the session settings.



Select a Different Microphone

Clicking the Settings cog will open your Device Selection options. You can select the microphone you wish to use from the dropdown list. Click save to update your device settings. 


If your computer audio or external devices are not working, you switch to using your phone as the audio source by selecting Call Me.  Enter your mobile or landline number and press the purple Call Me button to connect. You will need to enter the PIN shown followed by the # sign.

When the phone call is successfully connected, click Save to close the modal. Your computer audio will automatically be muted, as sound is now coming through your phone. You will not be able to unmute your computer unless you hang up the phone. 

To reconnect to web audio, click the Settings cog again and click Computer audio. Click Save. The Device Settings modal will close, and your phone call will hang up. Your computer audio will reconnect, and you will be able to hear and speak through your headphones and microphone.

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