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This article summarizes our most frequently asked questions about self-captures projects.

Self Captures is an asynchronous, unmoderated feedback product for video surveys, diaries, mobile ethnography, and more. It’s a powerful way to connect and empathize with people by quickly turning their experiences into real, actionable insights.


Our Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any size limit for files or images? 

There's no size limit. 


What are the Insights & Limits per response type? 



Why do I have to set a survey language? 

The language selected for your survey is a hint to ensure accurate transcription of the video response. Once your respondent starts completing their survey, the language that displays around the questions will be localized depending on the languages we support and your respondent's browser setting.

See supported languages


How can I lay out my survey? 

We currently support two types of layouts:


All tasks - Allows your respondents to see all questions at the same time. Respondents are able to answer the survey in any order or even skip questions. If there's a redirect option enabled for your survey, the respondent will not be redirected until all tasks have a response.

Single tasks - This allows respondents to only see one task at a time. They won't be able to see or move on to the next task until the previous one is complete. 


Can I add optional questions to my survey?

For the moment, there are no mandatory/optional functions. All questions must be completed by the respondent to officially submit the survey as complete. 


Is it possible to download Self Captures Survey Responses?

Yes, by clicking on the 3 vertical dots located on the top right of the survey card and clicking on Zip & download responses.


This action will prompt the sending of an email to the user. This will include an export link that expires after 24 hours. 

Downloads are categorized by tasks and : 

  • Video submissions will include: files, audio transcripts, comment
  • Photo submissions: file, comment 
  • Document submissions: file, comment
  • Text submissions: text, comment


Users will only be able to download and view submissions of respondents they have access to. The same PII restrictions applied to the Respondent Hub will remain for Self-captures download. 

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