November 2023 Release Notes

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This month's article announces new updates to the User Dashboard, Self Captures Translation, and more. We delve into best practices, showing how Discuss' Research Focus can help tailor your Genie Summaries. Finally, we announce upcoming enhancements to Genie and a new easy project setup. 


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Enhanced User Dashboard (For Seat-Based Customers)

The new user dashboard allows seat-based customers to have better visibility across all research. The dashboard enables Organization Admins to manage subscriptions easily and have control over user access with the ability to:

  • See the total number of purchased, filled, and pending seats
  • Search and filter by teams and user types with ease
  • View projects associated with a specific user to determine their seat status

Learn more on how to take advantage of the Enhanced User Dashboard here

User Management & Approval
(For Seat-Based Customers)

Organization Admins can now get notified and approve new user requests that are submitted by their users. To learn more about the user management and approval, click here.

Improved Self Captures Translation

Our Self Captures machine translation just got 10 times better. When conducting multi-language asynchronous research on Discuss, you can now access more readable, accurate translations. To learn more about how to use Self Captures Translation, click here. 

Best Practices

How to use Research Focus to deliver more tailored generative AI summaries 

Research Focus helps our generative AI tool, Genie, look for patterns around a particular topic and generates a summary with relevant details highlighted. A good Research Focus is:

  • Concise. Ask Genie to focus on one or two topics.
  • Corresponds to your research objective rather than to a specific question. 
    For example, if you are asking for feedback on different packing options, a good research focus would be “consumer preferences on packing options” The summary will then pay special attention to words that indicate preference and packing options.

Coming Soon

Genie Quotes 

Go further with your research with the ability to automatically identify key quotes from your live conversations.

Project Start BETA (Pro & Premium subscriptions only)

Streamline the setup process with a built-in wizard that allows you to create a project based on your subscription in just a few clicks

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