Researcher Guide to Leveraging Off-Platform Research

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Use Discuss as your main research repository by importing video recordings to your Project Portal. This lets you leverage our full Insights Features, including GenAI, to quickly deliver more insights.

Project Owners, Editors & Collaborators can upload off-platform research.


Uploading Off-Platform Research

Follow these steps to upload off-platform research

  1. Login to your Discuss account and select your desired project
  2. From the Overview Page, scroll down to the "Upload Off-Platform Research" section
  3. Click on "Upload Recordings"
  4. Select the file you'd like to upload. Supported file types and sizes.
    • Do not exit the page during the uploading process. If you want to continue working on your project while the files are uploading, you can click the button to “Open Overview Page” in a new tab and let the files finish uploading in the current tab.                                 
  5. Once the upload is complete, you'll be redirected to the project overview page, where you can easily navigate to the recordings page or click "Watch Recordings" 


Alternatively, you can upload off-platform research by clicking on the "Insights" then "Recording Tab". The upload feature is located under the tools & download drop down menu. 


The videos will then start processing to render the Video, Transcript, and Genie Recap if applicable. If tag were setup for your Research, these Insights will be extracted from the newly imported recording. 

While processing each video will appear and will update once it's ready. 

  • You can edit the name and session details of each recording if desired.
  • There is no option to cancel a file that has started processing.
  • You can navigate away while the videos are being processed.
  • If the video fails processing then you will be shown a notification and can re-load the file


Language Detection and Transcription

For Off-Platform Research, transcript language is auto-detected; if the platform cannot detect it, you will be prompted to choose a language.

If, for some reason, the language is detected incorrectly, then you can choose to edit the language by selecting the pencil icon next to the video file.


Supported Files 

To save Researchers valuable time, Discuss lets you upload single or multiple videos directly to your project portal.

For a smooth upload, please ensure you are meeting these requirements

  • Max Upload per batch: 50 Files
  • Max Upload per file: 10 GB
  • Supported File Types: MP4, QuickTime/MOV, WebM, OGG, MKV

Larger files can take more time to upload, and you should not exit the upload window until you are complete.



Tracking Usage as an Org Admin 

All seat-based subscription customers automatically get 50 GB/ 100 Files as part of their subscription and can upgrade to higher levels as desired. 

Organization Admin can track Off-Platform Research:

  1. Login to your Discuss
  2. From the Dashboard, select settings from the top right
    • This dedicated Settings page is accessible exclusively to Organization Admins only.

From there, organization admins can:

  • Monitor Limits: Each organization with Off-Platform Research has a predefined limit. Every upload contributes to the file count and file size, with the limit being reached based on whichever threshold is hit first.

Screenshot 2024-05-13 at 5.11.54 PM.png

  • Email Notifications: Org Admins receive email notifications when their usage reaches critical milestones, such as 50%, 80%, and 100% of their allocation. This helps them stay informed and proactive in managing usage.

  • Manage Limits: When the usage limit is reached, Org Admins have several options:
    • They can delete recordings to free up space for new uploads.
    • Alternatively, when an Org Admin hits the request upgrade button, a request is sent to their account manager who will be in touch with options. 
  • View Data Retention Policy: Videos that are purged due to's data retention policy create additional space for the organization, facilitating continued research activity.


Tracking Usage as a Project Member

Project owners, editors, and collaborators also have visibility on off-platform research usage.

To track Off-Platform Research:

    1. Login to your Discuss
    2. From the Overview page, scroll down to the Off-Platform Research section
      • This section serves as a convenient hub for uploading files and monitoring usage. 

From there, project owner, editors & collaborators can:

  • View Usage Limit Notice: When the limit is reached, users won't be able to upload more off-platform research until the Org Admin addresses it.


Per Hour Upload Cost for Uploads 

If you do not have a subscription with Off-Platform Research included, there is a per-hour upload fee per file uploaded. Our standard rate is $229/hr of videos uploaded (or 1 credit). 

For each upload, you will be prompted to acknowledge this fee and will be billed for the upload accordingly. 

*Contact your account manager or email if you have questions or want to learn more about how a subscription can be more cost-efficient. 

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