Simultaneous Translator Essentials

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Learn everything that is needed for a Simultaneous Translator to have a great experience with Discuss. This article covers how to log into a session as a Translator, access to your devices, and control if you would like to join the meeting with your microphone on. 



  1. Create an account with Discuss if you have not done so already. Interpreters are required to log in to attend their sessions.
  2. Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements
  3. Make sure you have your unique translator link for every interview. The link should look like where ###### is a 6-digit number. 
  4. Wear earbuds with a microphone to optimize audio and avoid feedback or echo

If you've never joined an Interview using Discuss, we recommend testing your devices before your Interviews. Test Your Devices For Free with Tokbox


Joining an interview as a simultaneous translator

We recommend joining 15 minutes before your interview is due to start. If the interview includes live support, a Platform Support Agent will be there to greet & tech check you.


  1. Open the URL link you have received before the session. The link should look like, where ###### is a 6-digit number and the /t at the end, is for Translator
  2. Enter the email to your Disuss account to enter the discussion. If you try to use a different email address you will be prompted to create another account or be met with a forbidden access error.              




  3. Allow access to your microphone.   
  4. Select your audio settings.

    If you choose "Computer" select your microphone from the drop-down list and click Join Meeting.


    If you choose "Phone" you must select your country code, enter your phone number, and click on CALL ME. On your phone handset, you will enter the 4-digit PIN + the pound sign.

    Make sure that you are using headphones with a microphone. Conducting simultaneous translation without headphones and a microphone causes noise cancellation issues and a degraded audio experience for all attendees.

  5. At this point, you will be automatically joined to the live meeting room. If your mic is on then anyone who is also joined to the live meeting room (like support, moderators, and or observers) will be able to hear you immediately. You may see a welcome message if the Moderator has not yet joined.     
  6. When you enter the meeting room, you will be able to hear the moderator and respondents. When you speak, your audio will publish to the translation line, so the meeting room participants will not hear you. Only observers listening to the translation line will hear you.


For help, reach out to 


Meeting Room Features for Translator

  1. Simultaneous translators have control over their microphones and consecutive translators have control over their cameras. You can turn them off or on at will.
  2. Simultaneous translators have a button that allows them to speak directly to the moderator or respondent in the main meeting room by clicking and holding the Push to Talk to Meeting button, located in the lower-left corner
  3. You can also select your input devices before entering the meeting room or during the meeting by selecting the settings button from the lower right corner.
  4. Optional Features can be used by the Moderators such as an interactive Discussion Guide or Polls
  5. Translators can use public, backroom, and private chat, as well.


Troubleshooting for Translators

If you are having issues with your microphone, there's an option for you to interpret using your phone.





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