Mobile Screen Sharing Guide for Moderators

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Learn how to request mobile screen sharing from your respondents in this article, tailored for moderators.

Live Tech Support is included in Premium, Premium + & Consumer Reach subscription, therefore Tech Support will brief your respondents on the process during session setup.


Understanding Mobile User Experiences with Screen Sharing

Understanding the mobile user journey is critical when it comes to providing better customer and user experiences.

With Discuss, you can easily see how your audience is interacting with your site or your app in real-time and gain invaluable user feedback.


Instructions for Mobile Screen Sharing

1. The moderator must ask the respondent to click on the Mobile Screen share button at the bottom of their page. (Respondent is then prompted to open the app and Start Sharing.)

Meeting Room - Respondent POV - FG3 - QR code.png


2. Once screen sharing is ON for the respondent, the moderator will see a modal pop up in the lower-left corner and must click ALLOW to start the screenshare.



The respondent’s mobile screen will then be visible on the whiteboard space. The options page of the app will initially appear. The moderator can then instruct the respondent on what to do next. This should be to access a link the moderator has provided, open a browser to navigate to a site or open an app.




The moderator and respondent will have controls on the whiteboard space to pause or end the respondent’s screen share at any time. The moderator should pause the respondent’s screen share from the whiteboard if there will be passwords entered or a page with PII opened.



Sharing a URL in the meeting room

Respondents participating in mobile screen-sharing interviews can navigate to web pages linked by moderators in the share media modal. 

If the shared URL is HTTPS, then moderators and observers will see the taps from the respondent's mobile device. If the URL is HTTP, then taps will not display. This applies to both Apple and Android Operating Systems.


  1. By clicking on the Media Share button located at the bottom of the meeting room moderators will open the upload/share modal
  2. Moderators can input the URL for the website they would like the respondent to navigate to and select "share,"
  3. Then allow the screen share when the respondent initializes the connection. 

The respondent will have a choice to launch the link shared by the moderator. Moderators and observers will see the respondent's screen as he or she navigates the shared URL.


Best Practices for Mobile Screen Share

  1. Before launching the mobile screen, respondents should ensure they have a mobile screen share session.
  2. Add Notes for your Live Support agent if additional testing is needed.
  3. Ensure to inform your recruiter about Mobile Screen Share



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