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For users seeking a comprehensive overview of Discuss and how our All-in-One platform can help you drive next gen insights, explore and learn more in this article.


Interactive Meeting Room

Our Interactive Meeting Room serves as the main hub for conducting your Live Conversation and can easily be customized to align with market regulation, support your conversation, and streamline analysis. 


  • Global Ready

The Interactive Meeting Room is localized to the browser of your respondent. If you need a translator to join the discussion, our translator option makes it easy.

  • Observer Backroom

Invite Stakeholders & Team Members to observe your conversation from the backroom. Observers aren't seen/heard during the conversation but have access to chat, save moments & Live Support if enabled for your Research.

  • Screenshare

 Moderators & Respondents can also share their desktop screens instead. An option to share the tab's audio is also available.

  • Interview Materials

Within the meeting room, moderators can use various Interview Materials features to guide their conversation and save specific insights. Learn more about our full range of Interview Materials.

  • Stimuli & Interactive Whiteboard

Promoting engagement, users can share stimuli on a whiteboard within the meeting room, equipped with tools to make conversations more interactive and enhance brainstorming.  



Mobile User Experience

Moderators can gain insights into users' mobile behaviors by allowing respondents to share their device screens directly within the meeting room. During mobile screen-sharing interviews, respondents join the session and broadcast their mobile device screen into the meeting room.

Researchers will be able to see a user's phone as a separate screen (on the whiteboard) in the session. It allows researchers to see how participants use mobile apps or mobile websites.




Once the mobile screen share has been successfully launched.

  • The respondent's mobile screen will be visible on the whiteboard space in the center of the meeting room.
  • The video streams of the moderator and respondent will be pushed to the left-hand side of the meeting room. If the respondent joins via mobile, their video feed will be disabled.


Available Resources


Asynchronous Feedback

Beyond Live Conversation, you can utilize our Self Captures feature to create activities for respondents. This feature can be used as a standalone activity or as part of your Research Life Cycle by creating homework/post work alongside your Live Qual Discussion. All Insights are stored within your Researcher Hub.




Available Resources


Project Portal

Discuss Researcher Hub helps you set up & manage all parts of your Qual Research in one place. You are working with a recruitment agency, partners, or a third-party moderator? You can easily invite them to your Researcher Hub, along with your team members, to collaborate on your Project. 

  • Scheduling
  • Respondent Hub
  • Interview Materials
  • Insights Hub & Gen AI Assistant


Privacy & Security

Your project can be tailored to align with market or company regulations, with privacy and security settings available for customization. Additionally, users can add NDA/Consent Forms to their research, providing an extra layer of protection for their research team. There are privacy & security features for both Live & Async Research. Learn more about Privacy & Security


Generative AI Assistant

Genie helps you spend less time on the labor-intensive parts of Qual Research. Work smarter, better & faster by using this GenAI Assistant to summarize your conversation transcript, find & screen target audiences more efficiently, and collect more in-depth feedback to help improve Discussion guides, moderation skills or Async activities.

    • As a global solution, Genie synthesizes key themes across multi-language interviews, translating the interviews into standardized English summaries, allowing for comparisons of research findings across regions and providing a broader global perspective.
    • With GenAI-powered instant recaps, project summaries, and thematic analysis available for 86 countries, and growing, you can propel discovery and empathy in every corner of the world




Discuss provides a full range of Research Analysis Tools to help you find Insights faster. 


  • Key themes 

Researchers can manually search and create clips that align with specific themes or topics crucial to their research subject. Alternatively, the Discuss platform offers the option to automatically generate clips based on preloaded themes and topics.

  • Sentiment Analysis

Easily understand respondents' perceptions of services or products by assigning and filtering insights by sentiments. This allows for the identification and exportation of pain points, providing valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

  • Interview Transcript

An editable and downloadable machine transcript is automatically available for your conversations. Transcripts can be conveniently separated by Discussion Guide questions, if our Interactive Discussion Guide is utilized during the live conversation. Transcripts also make it easy for cross-project search.  

  • Video Editing & Highlight Reel

Moreover, researchers can reduce their market research tech stack by utilizing Discuss's all-in-one platform to create videos with their insights. Clips, quotes, and asynchronous research can be merged into a highlight reel, simplifying the sharing of findings with colleagues and stakeholders.


Off-Platform & In-Person Research

Use Discuss as your main research repository and leverage your In-Person Research or Interviews that you conducted on another platform, by importing the video recording to your Researcher Hub. This allows you to make use of our full Insights Features. 


Respondent Hub

The Respondent Hub is a feature of Discuss that allows project owners, recruiters, editors, and collaborators to manage respondents within a research project. To use the Respondent Hub, you need to create a project in Discuss and add participant information. As a project owner, you can simply invite your external recruiters to your Project Portal & give them access to manage respondent & session invites.

Invite & Assign Recruiters

Respondent Hub Overview


Unlimited Consumer Reach Offering for Global Brands

By centralizing all research information in one platform, Discuss ensures seamless collaboration, streamlined analysis, and comprehensive insights for all users. 

For global brands, scaling qualitative research requires a comprehensive suite of services that goes beyond mere technological solutions. This entails live tech assistance throughout interviews, recruitment of high-quality respondents, and comprehensive aid in both pre- and post-interview stages, encompassing project setup, screener formulation, and report composition.

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