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Discuss facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling you to invite team members, partners, and stakeholders to your projects, making collaboration effortless.

This FAQ is designed to assist Organization Administrators, Project Owners, and Researchers in understanding how to manage project members effectively and differentiate Researcher Hub and Interactive Meeting Room access.


Organization Viewer vs Researcher

Our Unlimited Research Model facilitates Scaling Qual Research by assigning seats to your team members, granting them access to your organization subscription. From your subscription, your team members will be able to start a new project. 

  • If you don't have an annual subscription, team members only need to be added on a project level. View the next section for more information.

For Unlimited Subscriptions :

Researchers required a paid seat and enjoy full access to the Researcher Hub, allowing them to create projects, manage schedules and projects, interview materials, and insights, as well as moderate interviews.

Viewers, unpaid seats, have limited access to the Researcher Hub, with the ability to moderate interviews via the moderator link and view Project Insights with view-only access when log into their Discuss account.

Learn how to Manage Organization Members

  • Adding a member to your organization doesn't automatically give them access to all projects.


Project Editors, Collaborators vs Viewers

You can start your research by inviting your team, partners, and stakeholders to join your Researcher Hub. It's as easy as typing in their email addresses in the "Manage Members" section on the top right of your project overview tab. Then, just assign them roles like Editors, Collaborators, or Viewers based on what they need to do.

Editors can do it all, while Viewers can just watch recordings in your Researcher Hub. The following link will give you more info on what each role can do and who can access Insights & Respondent PII.

Learn how to Manage Project Members


How to create a Discuss Account?

Moderators & Translators need a Discuss account to join the Interactive Meeting Room. 

A Discuss account is also needed for every user that needs to access our Researcher Hub, either to start a new project, manage Qual Research, Async & Interview Materials, manage respondents, or Insights.

Observers & Respondents don't need a Discuss account.

Learn how to create a Discuss Account


How to enable SSO or Whitelabel for my team?

Discuss provides various features for tailoring your platform experience. Single Sign-On (SSO) offers a streamlined identification method for your team, enhancing security and convenience.

Additionally, white labeling enables customization to match your company branding seamlessly. For further details on improving security or adding branding to your project, refer to the provided link.

Learn how to enable SSO for your team.


How to invite my Recruiter to my Research?

You can invite your recruiters to your Research Hub by adding them as Recruiters or Omni-recruiters to the Manager Member section of your Overview Page. Recruiters only have access to your Respondent Hub and no parts of your Researcher Hub. The Omni-recruiter can see all respondents' PII and recruiters can only see their recruit's PII.

1. Log in to your Researcher Hub by going to your Discuss account

2. Add your recruiter email in the Manager Member section of your Overview Page.

3. Assign recruiters to a session

Learn how to Invite Recruiters to your Researcher Hub 


What are the Interactive Meeting Room roles?

Users can join your Discussion as respondents, moderators, observers, and translators, each offering unique views and features. Only moderators and translators need to create an account to join the discussion.

To ensure smooth access, moderators need to be added as project members to your Research Hub before using the moderator link. Observers stay unseen and unheard in the meeting room, utilizing the chat feature to communicate between themselves or to communicate with the moderator. This role is perfect for stakeholders or notetakers joining the discussion.

Learn more information on the respondent feature

Learn how to send invites to moderators, translators, and observers


What is the Virtual Backroom?

With our virtual backroom, you can allow team members or key stakeholders to observe your Live Research. Observers don't need an account with Discuss. In the meeting room, observers aren't seen/heard and will be able to communicate via the chat panel. 

Learn more about the Observer Features.

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