Self-Service Support for Observers

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This brief guide titled "Self-Service Support for Observers", will provide instructions for observers on how to join the room, dial into the room through the phone, troubleshoot eventual audio and video issues,  switch the translator line, use the chat panel, check who is in the room through the participant’s list, view the discussion guide, use the save moment feature tagging features, watch live polls, and join the session using your mobile device.


Self-Service Support for Observers

Joining the Meeting Room

To join a live meeting, observers must:

  • Use the unique observer link for the session:

  • Join with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge

Observers will enter their first name and email address and then tick the box next to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to join:



Choosing Your Audio Settings

Computer Audio

Once you click continue, you will be prompted to select your audio settings. Computer means you will listen and view the session from your computer and you can join the meeting room waiting page right away:


Phone Audio

Choosing the phone setting means you want to be dialed into the session to listen from your phone handset.

  1. Enter your phone number and click Call Me.

  2. Wait for an incoming call and listen to the intro message. It will prompt you to enter the 4-digit pin from the lower right of the audio settings modal.

  3. You will be placed on hold until the moderator is ready to start the meeting. You will only hear hold music until the moderator or support invites you into the session.

  4. You can close your web session if you need and continue listening with audio-only.

You can also select Show Dial-in instructions if you want to initiate the phone call from your handset. Select your country from the dropdown list and then call the number shown. You will be prompted to enter the pin number from the lower right corner of the audio settings modal.




If at any time you have audio, video, or connection issues, you can refresh your own browser. If that doesn't resolve the issue, use the help button to ask support or the moderator to reset your connection using the refresh button in the participant list.

If you're having trouble viewing the video stream, you can change the Video Stream Quality by clicking on the settings button in the lower right corner and changing it under Room Settings.

1 - Copy - Copy (2).PNG

video stream qual.PNG


Translation Language

For sessions with translation, you will be prompted to select a language upon joining:




If you need to change it at any time after joining, you can toggle it over in the bottom left corner. (Or vice versa.)

1 - Copy - Copy (2).PNG


If you need to join by phone, you will select your language in the web session and then be connected to that audio stream.


Waiting Page

Observers will land on a waiting page after connecting until the moderator is ready to begin. If you need to join to observe the setup, you can use the backroom chat to send a message to the moderator or support agent.


Chat Panel

While on the waiting page, observers can use the chat panel from the upper right corner of the page. Observers will be able to chat with other observers, moderators, support, and translators before and during the live discussion. They will also be able to initiate private chats. If you need to be let in the room early to monitor the respondent tech checks, you can use the chat to notify the responsible party.



Participant List

Once invited into the room, observers can use the participant list to see who is in the meeting room at any time by clicking on the "people" button in the lower-left corner of the screen.

participant list.PNG



Discussion Guide

If your moderator has uploaded a discussion guide to the project, you will be able to see the set of topics and questions and follow along throughout the session.



Save Moment

Once the recording starts, you will see the Save Moment button become active. You will be able to click this button once when you hear an interesting insight from your respondent and it will save in the archive as a 30-second clip, capturing the 15 seconds before the click and the 15 seconds after.




If tagging is activated in the project, you will be able to tag saved moments after clicking. You can select from popular tags or add a custom tag of your choosing. This is optional. You can always close the tag dialog by clicking on the x if you don't want to tag your saved moment.

You can also disable tagging by clicking on the Settings button from the lower right corner of your screen and unticking the box next to Tag Saved Moments.




If your project has incorporated polling, you will be able to watch poll results in real time after the moderator has launched the poll. If the moderator closes (ends) the poll, you will no longer see the results.





If takeaways are enabled for the discussion, you will see a takeaway page when the meeting ends or you close your browser. You can enter responses to the takeaway questions here that will then be viewable and downloadable by the project owner and collaborators. If you close this page without answering the takeaway questions, you will get a reminder email with a link to return and complete.


Joining from your mobile device

Observers can join sessions from their mobile devices if the session does not have stimulus. This is a project-level setting so if it is set to show stimulus you will be redirected to join from a laptop or desktop computer.







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