Researcher Meeting Room Function

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This guide aims to provide information for researchers on the Live Meeting Room. You will be introduced to the chat feature and learn how to interact with the on-screen discussion guide.  Also included will be instructions on how to call for help during a live discussion and how to allow entry for your Observers. 


The Virtual Meeting Room

Here's a view of the standard Live Meeting Room. Features may vary depending on your project settings & interview materials.



Figure 1, above, contains the standard meeting controls for a moderator. Participants and observers have fewer controls; everyone can control their own audio and video sources.

As a moderator, you will see your own video stream small and to the right of the screen. Your respondent(s) will appear larger on the left of the screen. 


Participant list & respondent details

Moderators have access to a participant list (1) allowing to view who is connected in the meeting room and admit respondent in the room. As a best practice, we recommend clicking on your own name in the participant list. This will open a modal, allowing you to view your technical details on the platform. You can also control your microphone & camera device from the botton left of the meeting room. If any adjustment need to be made, a setting cog is available to you (2). 

If you wish to share the meeting room link with any team members, the unique links are located in the bottom left of your screen (10)

If respondent profile details were added to the Research project, a respondent info(3) button will appear next to the participant list. PII are hidden according to project settings and the respondent profile detail is visible to moderator and observers.


Stimuli & Screenshare

Before the discussion begins, if you need to review any preloaded research stimuli or test the screenshare function, the share media button (4) is available to you. Note that everyone in the meeting room can see media being shared. 



Virtual Whiteboard Overview

Live Support & Recording

If you opted for Live Support, your support agent will be connected between 20-30 minutes in advance and setup the respondents. Once the respondent and moderator are ready to start, the support agent will invite observers in the meeting room and start the recording (6).

    • If the recording is not turned on, a red warning notice will appear in the middle of the screen every few minutes.
    • Observers can be invited selectively by using the "people" button in the lower left and clicking the plus sign next to their name or they can be invited all at once by using the "Invite Observers" button in the upper right corner.
    • The timer starts counting up when the recording starts and pauses if the recording is turned off.

Once the conversation is stable, the support agent leaves the meeting room and will be available through the Help! (7) button to provide technical assistance to all participant. Moderators, observers & translators can see the Help! button.


Meeting room chat

During your discussion, the chat panel (5) is available to you for communication with respondents, observers & translators if available.

    • The Public chat is visible to every user in the meeting room and can be used to interact with respondents and to broadcast messages
    • The Backroom chat is visible to Moderators, Support, Observers, and Translators. This is a place to discuss how the discussion is going, invite collaboration from team members, and solicit help from a customer support representative.
    • You can also privately chat with users in the room by clicking the "+ Private Chat" button. These messages will only be seen by users in this chat.

You can change your language using the Language dropdown, and any messages you receive will be instantly translated into your selected language.


Discussion Guide & Polls

For moderators who integrated their research discussion guide, the questions will appear below the chat icon (5), it is visibile to moderators and observers by default. Visibility can be restricted from the project settings. 

If a poll question was added to the project, it will also appear in the below the chat panel (5)


Save Moment

To bookmark important moment from the discussion, researchers & observers can click on Save Moment (8) this helps later for  analysis and quickly sift through the recording after your session has ended. This button will also automatically-generated video clip of that moment.


Setting Gear

At any point during the conversation, you can change and control your audio/video devices with the gear (2) icon. The button is located on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

When open, the Settings page lets you change/choose your audio and video devices for use in the meeting room. You can turn off your Saved Moments tagging option and adjust the video stream quality. Adjust your background to apply blurring. 

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 10.56.49.png

If you prefer, you can join the session by phone audio. Click the phone icon on the audio settings and choose to have the system call you, or choose from our list of toll-free dial-in numbers. We recommend letting us call you. When the call connects, you will be prompted to enter the unique PIN code provided in the bottom right of the screen.


Finally, to leave or end the session, click the red X button (9) in the top right. Moderators will be prompted to choose between leaving the meeting and ending the discussion for all participants.

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