Getting started with your Project Overview

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Discuss Platform is designed with market researchers in mind and this quick guide illuminates the comprehensive capabilities.

The project overview, our centralized hub, is where you can efficiently manage different facets of your research.


Your Project Overview

To access your project overview, simply log in to your Discuss account & select your desired project from your dashboard.

  • If no projects are listed on your dashboard, contact the project owner to be added as a project member.

From your project, navigate seamlessly through features like : 

Collaborate effortlessly with team members, fostering enhanced productivity. This guide ensures that every aspect of your research journey is conveniently managed and optimized on our platform. To uncover additional layers of your project dashboard dive into Respondent Management features and Insights Management.  


1. Project Members

Invite Team Members to access the Project Dashboard. Each role has unique capabilities and access levels. 

Roles include:

  • Viewer
  • Recruiter
  • Omni-Recruiter (DIY projects only)
  • Collaborator
  • Editor

Learn more about roles here.

Learn more about Seat Based Subscription here

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2. Interview Scheduling

You can Schedule and edit Interviews in the Upcoming Interviews Section. 

On the left-right corner, you have two viewing options:

  • All sessions: Displays all sessions scheduled for the project.
  • My sessions: Shows sessions where you're specifically assigned as a moderator.

Learn More about Interview Scheduling here.

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3. Interview Materials

Our suite of integrated features enables you to customize your research experience to your needs. From here you can easily manage tools such as :

A Document Hub is also available for document management. Documents there can be viewed, downloaded, and deleted. This Hub can store : 

  • Stimuli 

  • Consent Form
  • Reports - This is where you upload your project report. You can also find any reports you have ordered here.

  • Other documents - Upload other documents that may be helpful to your team on the project.

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4. Personal Meeting Room 

Utilize your free, Personal meeting room (PMR) for onboarding, testing, or even facilitating debrief sessions with moderators, team members, and clients. It's a space for collaborative activities such as briefings, platform training, or reviewing interview materials.

To learn more about how to use your Personal Meeting Room (PMR) click here.

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5. Self Captures

Use your Project Dashboard to quickly create & manage Async parts of your Research. Easily create homework or post work and send activities, review responses,  and manage insights with one platform.

Learn more about Self Captures here.

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6. Genie Summaries

Deliver insights in a click and turn weeks of effort into minutes with Discuss' generative AI assistant, Genie. Genie Summaries helps to deliver the highest-quality qual research ever with:

  • Project-level composite summaries: Generate a one-click summary across all video sessions or a select few to pick up on key trends and moments. Download your summarizations for further analysis.
  • Instant session summaries: Review a summary of each video conversation alongside your video recording and machine transcript.

Learn more about Genie here.

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7. Project Settings

The Project Settings allows you to customize the experience of all Interviews of your Research. From Devices Access settings to Privacy & Security Settings, you'll find multiple customizations based on your research objective.

Learn more about available settings here 

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