Self-Service Support for Moderators

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Immerse yourself in Discuss's interactive meeting room, crafted for Online Qualitative Research.

This article provides comprehensive guidance on how to handle your sessions effectively as a Moderator.

Learn about premier live tech support, support procedures for sessions without live support, joining respondents and observers to your session, troubleshooting techniques, ensuring session recordings, and closing sessions.


To Moderate a Live Qual Research


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Entering meeting room

Moderators need to be added as collaborators, editors, or viewers to access the live meeting room in their role.

If you encounter an unauthorized warning or a 404 error message, contact the project owner to be added as a project member and receive access to the meeting room.

For privacy and security, each discussion has a unique moderator link. You'll receive a link for each interview you'll moderate. The links are also available in your project portal overview tab, if you have collaborator or editor access. 


  1. Click on your Unique Moderator Link up to 1 hour before the scheduled start time
    • Alternatively, you can log in to your Discuss account & click the Moderator button from the Overview Tab
  2. Enter your email and password associated with your Discuss account
    • If you try to use a different email, you'll be prompted to create another account or be met with a 404 error message
  3. Click on "Continue"
  4. Allow camera & microphone access
  5. Select your audio/video device settings
  6. Select wether you want to join with your camera/mic on or off
  7. Select wether you want to join with a blurred background
  8. Click on "Join Meeting"
    • You'll be instantly connected to the live meeting room. If your camera and mic are active, other participants, including support, translators, and moderators, will see and hear you right away.
    • We strongly recommend using Earbuds or a headset with a microphone to optimize the audio recording and reduce echo and feedback

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 10.46.50.png

Blur Background 

Blurred backgrounds provides a customized interview experience that enables the privacy of any background content. Mitigate worries regarding personal identifying information (PII) in the background by easily concealing it with the click of a button.

Join from a supported Chrominium browser (Chrome or Edge) 

  1. Select your video device before joining the discussion
  2. Check the box below your video stream to blur your background
    • blurred background not available message appears for non chrominium browser like Safari or iOS. Rejoin with Chrome or Edge to use the feature.
  3. Click "join meeting"
  4. Alternatively, access the blurred background feature through the settings cog during the session to make real-time adjustments. Every change is reflected in the recording, transparently showing when the background was blurred or revealed. Learn how here 
  • This feature is essential for maintaining impartiality, objectivity, and privacy—especially crucial in healthcare research.

Screenshot 2024-06-26 at 10.52.01.png


Live Support

If you've requested Live Support, our Support Agent will be connected in the meeting room between 20-30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  

They will start the recording at the scheduled start time, and will be available via the Help Button once they are satisfied the session is successfully underway.

Most importantly, you support agent will be available for the initial session set-up to ensure that all participants have:

    • Joined the discussion in the proper role
    • Met system requirements
    • Great audio and video
    • A stable connection

The agent will join the session 20-30 minutes prior to start time, invite/troubleshoot all participants, start the recording, and then monitor the session for any issues for the first 10 minutes or until the agent is satisfied the issues have stabilized.

After that point, please click the Help button in the bottom right of your screen and a support agent will join the room. The support agent will contact you via the private chat rather than interrupt the session

Learn more about Live Support


Respondent Details

If the respondent screener answers have been added to the Research Project, you'll be able to review them prior to your discussion. We recommend doing this to familiarize yourself with the respondent and to prepare any questions you might want to ask. Moderators can easily view the respondent details in two ways:

  • In the Project Portal

Respondent details are stored in your Project portal and available for project owners, editors, collaborators and collaborators to review through the Overview tab.

  1. Login to your Discuss account & select your desired project
  2. From the Overview tab, scroll down to the "Upcoming Interview" section
  3. Under the "Respondent Column", Click on View to open the Respondent Details
  4. Click on the "Screener" tab

Only confirmed respondent will appear under the respondent tab. Screener questions will only appear if they have been added by the recruiter.

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 12.44.40.png


  • In the Meeting Room

The Respondent Details feature is located at the bottom left of the Live Meeting Room and is accessible to moderators and observers.

  1. In the Live Meeting Room click on Respondent Details
  2. Select the "Screener Tab"
  3. View the respondent profile.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is hidden in accordance with the Project Settings.


Meeting Room Function

View full meeting room function for moderator here

Supporting Your Own Session

If you haven't requested Live Support or have sessions booked with less than 24 business hours' notice, there is no guarantee a live support will be assigned to your session. You'll then be responsible for : 

  1. Ensuring all respondents join the meeting room on time, using a supported browser and device
  2. Inviting participants in the meeting room
  3. Troubleshooting participants' audio, video, and connection issues.
  4. Turning recording on
  5. Ending the live meeting

Tips to have a successful session without a live support agent.

If you have 5 minutes before your session starts,  view this overview video series to walk you through troubleshooting your session & this meeting room tour.



  1. Always join your sessions a few minutes early to ensure your audio, video, and connections are working and stable.
    • If you encounter a device issue such as a blocked camera or a malfunctioning microphone, the quickest troubleshooting step is to restart your computer. This ensures that you start with only the hardware, closing any other programs that may be causing conflicts with the device.
    • View how to allow camera & microphone access
    • The following articles show how to do basic troubleshooting: Basic Troubleshooting and Troubleshooting Common Audio/Video Issues
  2. You can allow your respondents into the room when you are ready. 
    • From the lower left corner of the screen, click on the people icon to Show the participant list.

    • Click on the plus sign next to the respondents name to join them to the room. 
    • Capture.PNG

  3. Review Participants Details by clicking on their name in the participant list. 
    • Their connection score (0-5), browser type, operating system, screen size, devices, video rate, frame rate, audio rate, packet loss information & available devices will be visible
    • Troubleshoot connection issues
  4. Join your observers to the room when you are ready.
    • Click on the Invite Observers button from the upper right corner once to invite all observers to the room
    • Observers will be kept on a waiting page while the session setup is taking place. They will not see or hear what's happening in the main room but can use the chat panel as normal. 
    • After the Invite Observers button is pressed, all observers will join the meeting room directly
  5. Start the recording by pressing the Recording button.
    • When recording starts, it will become apparent as the icon turns red and the label displays Recording ON. 
    • Recording on will also activate the Save Moment button.
  6. End the session by selecting the (1) End/Exit button from the upper right and then (2) End for Everyone.



Connection Issues

If the a participant has minor audio or video issues, ask them to refresh their own browsers first.

If browser refresh doesn't work, open the participant list view from the bottom left corner. You can reset the connection by using the refresh button for the respondent or yourself. (You can also refresh observers and translator line.)

You can also control all microphones and cameras in use.


You can also ask them to help mitigate connection issues by:

  • Removing other devices near them from the shared wifi
  • Turn off any bandwidth-consuming apps or programs
  • Moving closer to their router
  • Hardwiring into their router
  • Restarting their computer and then rejoining the room in Incognito Mode


Audio Issues

If you need to switch yourself to phone audio due to computer audio issues:

  1. Click on the settings icon in the lower right and enter your phone number. 
  2. Click CALL ME and wait for a call from (866-557-6716). 
  3. Enter the PIN you see in the lower right corner and # sign and you will be joined to the room. 
  4. You may also dial yourself in from your handset using Show dial-in instructions and selecting the number for your country.

If you need to switch the respondent to phone audio, you can instruct them to follow the same instructions as above by clicking on the settings button from the lower right corner of their screen.

Alternatively, you can dial them in by clicking the phone icon next to their name in the participant list. They have entered their phone number when joining and the modal will auto-populate.

  1. Click on the participant list
  2. Click the phone icon
  3. Click call
  4. The platform will automatically mute their web audio when the call connects. You can then continue the session with web video and phone bridge audio.
  5. If the respondent is experiencing significant video lag or freezing, you may close their camera in the participant list and complete the discussion in audio only.





Troubleshooting Translators

Click here for Translator troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Observers

Click here for Observer troubleshooting.

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Self-Service Support for Moderators

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